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Beginners boys and girls aged 9-14 years and over are invited to join the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club 'Learn to Sail' programme. To assist those wishing to begin, BBYC makes available 25 plastic Optimist and 3 Sunburst dinghies for the immediate use of young sailors. The duration of each level 1 is 5 lessons (weeks), each lesson is of 4 hours duration and  will be run either in the morning or afternoon depending on tide. Sunday Classes are available.

Course Fees for all levers  are:

  • Members of Bucklands Beach Yacht Club $240 
  • Non-members of Bucklands Beach Yacht Club $255

Course content for Level 1 beginners 'Start Sailing' includes topics such as: Wind Direction - Rigging an Optimist - Sailing Skills - Rope Work - Safety - Basic Sailing Rules - Launching and Recovery - Naming of Boat Parts - Capsizing.

Course content for Level 2 'Sailing Faster" includes topics such as: Learn more lingo - Safety Advanced - Knot knowledge - Weather, tides and currents - Balance essentials - Points of sail - advanced - Launching and retreaving  - more tips - Tacking technique - The art of gybing - Boat handling

Course content for Level 3 (Learn to Race) includes topics such as: Ready to race - Boat Balance - Forces on the boat - Start and finish lines - Tactics and  strategy - Mark roundings - Ways of the weather - Communication and team work.


Weekend Course (Sundays) 5 weeks

Sundays start 3rd September 2017 and go through to 17th December 2017 - 3 x 5 session courses scheduled weather permitting

Course Starting  11th February 2018

Session                               Date                    H.T                     Start Time                       Finish Time

                                        11th Feb            1711                               1pm                               5pm

                                       18th Feb             1015                               9am                                1pm

                                       25th Feb             1545                               1pm                                5pm

                                       4th Mar               1005                               9am                                1pm

                                      11th Mar              1534                               1pm                                5pm

RS                                    18th Mar              904                                 9am                                1pm

Next Sunday Course due to start *25th March 2018*

1 25th Mar (HT) 1431 1pm 5pm
2 & 3 8th Apr (HT) 1304 11am 5pm
4 15th Apr (HT)  646 8.30am 12.30pm
5 22nd Apr (HT) 1222 9am 1pm
RS 1 29th Apr (HT) 1933 2pm 6pm

For information for holiday programmes click here

Then again 11th February 2018 and go through to May2018 - 3 x 5 session courses scheduled weather permitting

Sessions will either start at approx 9.00am or 1.00pm depending if high tide is in the morning or afternoon.  

Email the Sailing Academy or call 095343046 ext coach for more information.



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